Vision of Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Regional Government Film and Television Institute:

  1. Impart education in all aspects of Film &Television Programme Production and other allied subjects.
  2. Confer Diploma & Certificate to successful students who have completed the prescribed courses and qualified the examinations.
  3. Provide facilities for and undertake research in various fields of Film and Television programme production.
  4. Co-ordinate the activities of technicians of Film & Television Industry of the North Eastern Region.
  5. To develop suitable patterns of teaching in all branches of film and television, both at under-graduate and post–graduate levels, so as to establish high standards of Film and Television Education in North-East India.
  6. To endeavor constantly to raise the technical standards of regional films and television programmes so as to make them aesthetically more satisfying and acceptable.
  7. To produce trained manpower both for the growing needs of the film industry and television organizations in North Eastern Region.
  8. To create a new awareness among the future workers in the Film & Television of the potentialities of their media not only as a means of entertainment but also of education and artistic expression.
  9. To organize Refresher Courses, Summer Schools and the like and invite experts and research scholars from within the country and aboard for delivering lecturers and/or developing research.
  10. To assist and associate itself with the efforts or other academic bodies, governments/non-governmental for fulfillment of the objects of DBHRGFTI.